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Pre-painted Steel


Construction (outdoor) Factory, agricultural warehouse, residential precast components, corrugated roof, walls, storm water pipes, balcony railing, book and newspaper booth, cold room, goods booth, shutter door, Roofing, sandwich Panel, door, door frame, light Frame steel structure, screen, ceiling, elevator, stairs, Air-duct


Standard: PE CGCC
Color: Lotus Green/Ivory White/Grey/Sea Blue
Thickness: 0.326-0.476mm Width:1000/1200mm
Thickness: 0.700-1.150mm Width:1000/1200/1250mm

Production Line Introduction

Two coated Two baked Pre-Painted Line, Annual Output: 150000MT;
Thickness: 0.23-1.20mm


1. Colorful, In addition to the normal paint, there are also monochrome wrinkle paint, granular paint, and printing wood grain paint, brick and stone grain paint and brushed silk paint to meet the aesthetic needs of customers.
2. PE/HDP/SMP/PVDF four top paints are used to provide excellent processability, uv resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and gloss retention. Meet the needs of different customers in different environments.
3. The steel plate is endowed with various special functions, including self-cleaning, anti-static, anti-bacterial and heat insulation.


Home appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, switch cabinet, instrument cabinet, air conditioner, microwave oven, bread maker, computer, LCD TV and other electrical components, shell
Furniture: radiator, lamp shade, wardrobe, table, bed, locker, bookshelf
Transport industry: interior decoration of automobiles and trains, partitions, containers, separation barriers, ship compartments
Others: writing whiteboard, dustbin, billboard, clock, typewriter, instrument panel, weigher, photographic equipment, can pull ring