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Home Appliance Galvanized Steel( CGI )

Production Line Introduction

Home Appliance Galvanized Line, Annual ourput 250000MT;
Width: 800~1250mm
Thickness: 0.3MM-2.00MM


1.High Zinc Coating : CGI Zinc Coating Up to 350g/m2, CGL Coating Up to 210g/m2, Greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the product, prolong the service life of the product.
2.High Strength : The mechanical strength meets the requirements of various national standards. Especially SGC570 high strength steel, its mechanical strength is much higher than ordinary CQ material, and can meet the needs of molding, not only improve the bearing capacity of the product, but also save the cost of building materials.
3.High value-added : Different from the normal chromated products, in addition to ensuring the oxidation resistance of the product, the product can also be added with antibacterial,Anti-finger print, environmental protection and self-lubrication and other functions

Product application

Fence、 Mechanical Equipment Components、 Switchboard、 Cabinet、 Home Appliances Components、Sports Equipment Components