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Coll Roll Full Hard Steel( CR-1B )


Medical equipment pipeline、Various machinery、Automotive stamping parts、Building board、Galvanized sheet motherboard


Thickness: 0.25mm~2.00mm
Width: 800~1250mm
Coil weight: 5-25MT ( OD<2m )
Standard:SPCC、SPCD或SAE1006、SAE1008、Q195、Q235、IF steel

Production Line Introduction

One Eight Roll Five Stand Coll Roll Line, Annual output 750000MT;
Thickness: 0.25mm~2.00mm
Width: 800~1250mm


1.High mechanical strength:HRB 85 and above, High Yield Strength and Tensile Strength
2.High dimensional accuracy:Equipped with online thickness gauge, real-time monitoring of finished product thickness, and feedback to the computer terminal, automatic adjustment of rolling force, control of product thickness at any time, accuracy up to 0.01mm.