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Skinpassed Hot Roll Pickling Steel ( HR-PO )


All kinds of caliber steel pipe, precision caliber steel pipe; Steel furniture;Home/professional sports equipment components; Construction equipment; Small home appliances components, components and shells; Computer electronic parts and shells; Internal components of power equipment; Bright cold rolled steel sheet base material


Thickness: 1.6mm~4.0mm
Width: 800mm~1300mm
Coil weight: 5-25MT ( OD<2m )
Standard: SPHC、SAE1006~SAE1022、Q195、Q235、42Mn、SPHD、IF Steel
HR Supplier: Baoshan Steel, Tanshan Steel, Handan Steel

Production Line Introduction

One Continuous Pickling line, Annual Output:750000MT;
Width: 800mm~1300mm
Thickness: 1.6mm~4.0mm


1.Optimize plate shape:After remove the rust, the shape of strip steel plate can be improved by Skinpassed finishing, and the surface of steel plate can be cleared of defects that are not conducive to the following process.
2.Optimize surface quality:After Skinpassed finishing, eliminate the yield platform, get a beautiful and smooth surface, easy to weld oil and paint, so that the surface of the steel plate closer to the surface of the cold rolled plate.
3.Cost savings:Reduce cost, use pickling plate instead of cold rolling plate, reduce a cold rolling process, save cost for the enterprise
4.High accuracy:The irregular head and tail are cut off, the width is fixed, the size precision is high, and the surface of the strip is coated with oil to prevent the steel coil from rusting during storage.