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Home Appliance Galvanized Steel( CGI )
Galvanized steel (Regular Spangle)
Galvanized Steel ( Zero Spangle)
Coll Roll Full Hard Steel( CR-1B )
Skinpassed Hot Roll Pickling Steel ( HR-PO )
Hot Roll Galvanized Steel( HGI )
Galvalume Steel( GL )

Hot Roll Galvanized Steel( HGI )


Bases and skeletons of mechanical equipment, steel structural components, bases,keletons and shells of Home appliances, power equipment cabinets, supports, components, ship shells and components


Thickness: 1.6mm~4.0mm
Width: 800~1250mm
Coil weight: 5-25MT ( OD<2m )
Standard: SPHC、SAE1006~SAE1022、Q195、Q235、42Mn、SPHD、IF Steel
HR Supplier:Baoshan Steel, Tanshan Steel, Handan Steel

Production Line Introduction

One Line Two Pot Galvanized (Galvalume) Line, Annual output 350000MT;
Width: 800~1250mm
Thickness: 0.3MM-4.00MM


HGI use the HR-PO as the Galvanized substrate;Compared with traditional galvanized sheet, it has obvious price advantage due to the lack of cold rolling process.It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good anti - earthquake performance.In the construction, automobile manufacturing, steel warehouse manufacturing, railway passenger car manufacturing, highway guardrail board, manufacturing and other industries have a good prospect for development.