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Galvalume Steel( GL )

Galvalume Steel( GL )


Highway guardrails, mechanical equipment components, power kit power distribution panels, electric control cabinets, large household appliances components, base, sports equipment components


Thickness: 0.30mm~1.50mm
Width: 800~1250mm
Coil weight: 5-25MT ( OD<2m )

Production Line Introduction

One Line Two Pot production line, annual output 350000MT
Width: 800~1250mm
Thickness: 0.30mm~1.50mm


Galvalume Steel is 55% Aluminum、43.4% Zinc、1.6% Silicon alloy, frozen at 600℃ high temperature,plating on the surface of the steel plate. It is an important alloy material which is often used in daily life. It has good cathodic protection, shielding protection and heat resistance.

Product application

Architecture: Roof, Walls, Garage, Soundproof Walls, Pipes and Modular Houses
Automobile: Muffler, Exhaust Pipe, Wiper Accessories, Fuel Tank, Truck Case, etc
Home appliances: Refrigerator Backboard, Gas Stove, Air Conditioner, Electronic Microwave Oven, LCD Frame, CRT Explosion-proof Belt, LED Backlight, Electric Cabinet, etc
Agricultural: Pig House, Chicken House, Granary, Greenhouse Pipe, etc
Others: Heat Insulation Cover, Heat Exchanger, Dryer, Heater, etc